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The Adventure Engine Story

About Us. Real People – Real Places

Adventure Engine was founded in Rossland, British Columbia, Canada: a skiing and mountain biking town, and a mecca for outdoor adventure. Seeing the emergence of Expedia, we saw an opportunity. With so many incredible world class products in our own backyard, we recognized that these products and companies needed a stage to shine on in the growing online world. We wanted to provide a means to share all of the providers of experiential/adventure tourism, located as they often are in non-urban areas, with the world… so we invented Adventure Engine.

Since incorporation in 2004, Adventure Engine has worked with hundreds of adventure travel clients worldwide. Today, our clients range from smaller start-up companies, to large enterprises that generate 20 million plus in revenues per year.

Our Specialty and Promise

We are analysts and specialize in helping businesses with their work flow by providing automated solutions. We won’t sell you a reservation system without a full understanding of how your operation and booking managements work. That way, we ensure a proper solution and easy transition.

The Summit Solution

Something happened along the way. We had been gradually adapting our system to meet more complex requests from customers until, one day, we realized we needed a much larger system to handle complex tour operators with thousands of transactions and hundreds of suppliers.

With the input of many tour operators and millions of dollars in development we have reached what we hope is close to the pinnacle of perfection for our market with our Summit system.

And then came “Simbiosis”.

Symbiotic Marketing

What if you could team up with other operators and cross sell? From the same shopping cart? And each player gets paid out individually? What if you were a community? Or an association? Or a consortium? We didn’t coin the phrase symbiotic marketing, but it is very apt in today’s online environment to collaborate. Simbiosis is the name of the cross selling platform we invented for operators to cooperate and leverage marketing dollars. (We got the spelling for Simbiosis from our latin American friends.)

Adventure Travel is the most rapidly growing segment of travel online and we built Adventure Engine  to help you take your business above and beyond, as it has for so many of our clients.

We still live in the mountains of southern BC and we look forward to working with you.

Connect with us whether it be though our monthly newsletter, social media, phone, skype, or if the time is right with a demo. We have a lot to share and offer to your organization and look forward to being part of what makes your company the best it can be.

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