Waivers – The Process is as Important as the Signature

Waivers – The Process is as Important as the Signature

Your waiver process is important. Getting a guest to sign a waiver upon arrival for a paid tour may not cut it in a court of law. Guests need to see the waiver well in advance of tour start date. And they need to sign or type name or tick a box that they have read and agree to the waiver.

Organizations are working together to standardize the acceptance of risks and liability waivers. Equa Insurance & Risk Management Solutions, HeliCat Canada, Backcountry Learning for example. Listen to the Pro’s when implementing your waiver process.

Adventure Engine is integrating waivers into the Booking Management Process. THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE! We are just here to help administer the process. For example…

  1. Send waiver copy or link, in a correct waiver format, in advance of payment.
  2. Obtain signature indicating “I have read and agree to the waiver” in advance of payment (tick box or typed name could be just fine).
  3. Date/time stamp the signature.
  4. Send copy to guest and keep copy for yourself and store in proper waiver form format.
  5. Pull a report indicating status of advance acceptance & auto send email reminder.
  6. Proceed with payment.
  7. Back it up again with a hard copy signature upon arrival.

Document the process with industry and professional collaboration. Then streamline with a bit of automation. As a result you’ll be covered AND you will save days (WEEKS!) of manual work.

Adventure Engine Booking and Waiver Management Systems