Adventure Engine

Happy Clients


Aventuras Panama – Javier Romero,  Owner 

…and Adventure Engine’s very 1st client back in 2005!

“Look no where else!  Kelly is always there when you need her.  She becomes part of your team.   She updates the software continuously, and she develops custom made extensions if required.  The platform has exceed all my expectations.”


Mountains by Nature – Seth Watson Quigg, Owner

Re: On boarding – Tour programming and Set-up

“This is fantastic Kelly! Thank you for your hard work here. You are the person we have been missing in the equation.

Glad to have you on the team.”

Seth Watson Quigg, Owner

The Mountain Company – Roland Hunter, Owner

“After researching several options for The Mountain Company we decided to implement Adventure Engine “AE”). This system has transformed our business and there is no doubt we made the right choice. Prior to AE our process and procedures were manual and email based, as our business grew we found processing orders was becoming very time consuming. With AE our customers now log in through a link on our website to input pre trip information and to view their account balance online. This is far more efficient and saves us time processing orders and we have also gained positive feedback from our clients too.

The reports from AE are very useful as we run a number of monthly financials such as for tracking our monthly sales compared to previous years and also balances owed for chasing final payments. Our agents in destination countries can also run reports choosing to export the trip information they require in order to organise each trip.

Implementing AE has been a smooth process and took less time than originally expected as James helped us  throughout and was always on hand to answer any questions we had. When issues were found during our implementation such as with multi currencies AE came up with a short term fix and then rolled out a full solution later in the year. Having an annual review is very useful as Kelly was able to point out some additional functionality we could use in the future and also listened to our feedback for future developments.

Thanks for all of your help and support!”

Kind regards
Roland Hunter, Owner


HI Travel Argentina – Cristian Calomarde, Managing Director

We are very pleased to work with Summit, it helped us to organize our Airport Shuttle service. We gave access to our customers and they can now book directly into our inventory, making it very easy to run customer reports. Also, the drivers get notifications by email of any new or last minute bookings. Summit is our solution for the service. Also, we managed to get online bookings for these products and we transformed Summit to be the backbone of our internal system of bookings, not only for the Shuttle Service but for excursions, tours and accommodation throughout Argentina. And if some time things get complicated or we don’t have enough knowledge to solve it, we can always count on Adventure Engine’s customer service!

Frontier Bushcraft – Paul Kirtley, Owner

Adventure Engine has been invaluable to us in growing the business this year.  It allows me to step away from the office and, with the majority of our customers booking online, AE takes care of their bookings while we work the trips and courses.  The automated messaging functionality you have been adding has also been an awesome addition.

Ecocolors – Kenneth Johnson, Owner

We are very satisfied with Adventure Engine. Our booking systems have provided trust and an efficient and friendly online booking service for our customers. Kelly’s personalized attention has really helped us to quickly adjustment trip information where needed.

Water by Nature – Hamish McMaster, Owner

I can’t speak highly enough of Adventure Engine. They have been incredible at dealing with small hitches and patiently talking us through how to make things work and to make the most of the system. Stability and up time is excellent. Responsiveness Ideal! Highly flexible system and staff at Adventure Engine. Dealing with problems: One of the best I have ever encountered in business. We integrated with our UK banking system and Kelly and the team were brilliant at making this all work. Go for it! They are brilliant and it transforms the booking process!

Rossland Film Festival – Christy Anderson, Chair

Having Adventure Engine to complete our online sales was so much easier. We have outlets and team members in different locations which has always created problems with managing our sales. Now staff can check in on sales by the second from different locations. The reports were awesome for printing off and checking in guests. Customers were relieved this year to finally be able to buy online when they were traveling a distance. Thanks so much Adventure Engine!

Akuni Adventures – Joe Bourgeois, Owner

Our company has been operating adventure based training and trips for ten years. We started using the Adventure Engine registration system about two years ago. Since then our registration process has dramatically changed. We used to process all registrations manually which took about twenty minutes per order. Now our customers sign up online and we only send friendly welcome emails to the customer. We have saved a lot of time allowing us to concentrate on increasing sales and improving our service. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to change over to an online registration process. The staff at Adventure Engine were very helpful and are a pleasure to do business with.

Milhouse Hostel, Mariano Saccal, Owner

When traveling around South America sometimes ATM’s are not easy to find, they don’t always work or they just charge a lot for a normal money withdraw. With Adventure Engine we’ve improved a lot the payment process making it more efficient and making life easier for our guests as they don’t have to carry much cash. We have already increased sales as people spend more if they can use their credit cards and of course, as a consequence, we are offering a better service which is always the main goal for any hostel.

Peak Planet – Eric Reynolds, Manager

The customer login module allows for customers to access their accounts directly through our website. Customers no longer have to navigate Adventure Engine’s site to pay balances, but instead use the integrated module, which appears seamlessly on our Account Login page. It was a cinch to install.