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Upgrade To More Effective Tour and Client Management

As tour businesses grow, so does the complexity of dealing with more clients, more suppliers, and a lot more information. In today’s world of instant access and high customer expectations, tour companies struggle with the back end work of creating custom quotes, keeping track of supplier pricing, and managing costs. This complexity is a problem, but also an opportunity to increase sales and profitability.

The chart below shows the most effective strategies used by tour companies in a survey from the Adventure Travel Trade Association to drive customer bookings. (click image for larger view)

strategies to drive customer bookings

The top ways of creating bookings center on creating more personalised approach and customised products.

Automating Operations and Administrative Tasks For Better Client Management

Automating your operations and administrative tasks is a cost effective way to provide better customer service and experiences. You can more easily manage custom requests, FIT bookings and keep track of suppliers. It gives you better information and you can spend more time one on one with customers and less time on administrative tasks. And, if you provide trip listings and online bookings, many of your clients and travel agents will take this option. keeping them happy and saving you time.

Summit Tour Management Software is an advanced solution you could be looking for. With the most comprehensive suite of capabilities on the market and the ability to add specific modules you will never outgrow Summit. You will also find it very competitively priced.

If you are considering a switch up, give us a call to go over the details with you. We are happy to arrange a live demonstration of the system if you are interested.

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