Custom FIT Programs

Custom FIT Programs

custom fieldsWe were approached several years ago to develop a program to handle the meticulous details of quoting and managing custom FIT programs.

This entailed building a module that could store and retrieve pricing and availability data to build packages for quoting and confirmation. The vendor module today is a powerful tool that allows DMC’s and wholesalers to have thousands of items (room configurations, room types, seasonal prices, green fees, lift tickets, attraction entrances, guides, seats in buses, etc) with individual pricing at their finger tips.

This speeds up the request and confirmation process with vendors by having a linked emailto field right in the items screen. One click with a few comments and suppliers are emailed to request or confirm space for “X” clients on “Y” dates. Confirmations from vendor come back into the system.

Quotes to agents can be viewed online or sent directly from the system by email as below.

Quotes can be viewed online or sent directly from system by email to clients as below.

fit quote image online