Mountain Treks and Tours

Mountain Treks and Tours

Let agents and direct customers log in to create and complete transactions while collecting critical information.

“After researching several options for The Mountain Company we decided to implement Adventure Engine (“AE”). This system has transformed our business and there is no doubt we made the right choice. Prior to AE our process and procedures were manual and email based, as our business grew we found processing orders was becoming very time consuming. With AE our customers now log in through a link on our website to input pre trip information and to view their account balance online. This is far more efficient and saves us time processing orders and we have also gained positive feedback from our clients too.

The reports from AE are very useful as we run a number of monthly financials such as for tracking our monthly sales compared to previous years and also balances owed for chasing final payments. Our agents in destination countries can also run reports choosing to export the trip information they require in order to organise each trip.

Implementing AE has been a smooth process and took less time than originally expected as James helped us throughout and was always on hand to answer any questions we had. When issues were found during our implementation such as with multi currencies AE came up with a short term fix and then rolled out a full solution later in the year. Having an annual review is very useful as Kelly was able to point out some additional functionality we could use in the future and also listened to our feedback for future developments. Thanks for all of your help and support!”