Tour Operator Software

Tour Operator Software

Sherpa Tour Operator Software

Adventure Engine’s Sherpa tour operator software offers reservation and management solutions for all types of tour operations. From adrenaline adventures to complex multi-day trips, lodging, accommodations and custom packages. Need more, we can add on lots of additional plug-ins.

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Included Features –Full Back Office Reservation System with Online Booking Interface

List Tours and Programs

Sherpa let’s you list tours, programs rooms, tour seats or what ever items you sell as a final product to customers ScreenHunter_31 Mar. 01 12.42or agents. You can provide descriptions, input prices with multiple options (sgl, twin, trpl, quad etc.) You can manage everything from a single dashboard and take manual bookings by phone.

Want to put this online? Add descriptions and photo’s. Tours will show up on your website with data being fed from the information your enter into the system. Book Now takes clients to a live booking for that shows availability or presents tours on request basis. How ever you run your business, the syetem can accommodate it.

Customize Documents and Automate Emails

Customize and automate booking confirmation, payment receipts, vouchers, balance reminders, pre-trip instructions, post trip request for feedback, terms and conditions and much more.  Add additional (optional) custom booking emails such as maps, gear list, special instructions, directions, and other information your customers require. Program your reservation system to send post trip follow ups encourage sharing on social media and rating sites like TripAdvisor automatically saving you tons of time from composing and sending manually one at a time.

Manage Seat Capacity and Inventory

Set requirements for each departure.  Manage different types of ‘inventory’, such as seats, accommodations or equipment.  Once the rules are in place, the system handles all maximum capacities, ensuring you never overbook.

Customer Login

Assign returning clients a username and password for easy future bookings. Create a unique login for your guests to complete their own online waiver forms, group lists, and to pay their balances.

Capture and Retain Critical Client Information

Track booking history, special needs, dietary preferences, occupancy requirements, contact information and absolutely anything else you need to know about your guests in order to provide the perfect experience for them.  Call the data easily for trip manifests, daily bookings sheets, guide notes and other customized reports.

Flexible Programming

Program dates, durations, seasonal pricing, group discounts, age based pricing, unlimited trips, unlimited inventory relationships, taxes, fees and more.

Easy and Quick Start Up

We assign one of our client care specialists to personally take responsibility for your quick and painless start up.  We will complete the initial trip programming,  create a personalized shopping cart, integrate your payment (credit card) processor, and schedule as many personal training sessions as needed to get you and your staff feeling comfortable with the system.  We are proud to provide the best customer service in the industry.

And Sell Trips Online

Turn your site into a better selling tool while decreasing your administration at the same time.  We can place an availability checker, customized registration form and shopping cart that is directly connected to your reservation system.   Then confirmation can happen immediately when booking is made and payment is processed at time of booking.  We integrate your payment processor right into your shopping cart and connect it to your back office system. Our online shopping carts integrate seamlessly to your site and take only minutes to install.


Custom Development
We are a custom development software agency so if you need something that we don’t have, we’ll work with you to document your requirements, develop a custom price that suits your budget, and build a custom solution.


Frontier Bushcraft – Paul Kirtley, Owner

Adventure Engine has been invaluable to us in growing the business this year. It allows me to step away from the office and, with the majority of our customers booking online, AE takes care of their bookings while we work the trips and courses.