Easy Campsite Reservations

Easy Campsite Reservations

We are so excited about our new Adventure Engine reservation system and we finally have a means of electronic payments and easy financial reporting for our municipal campground. We intend to add our facility rentals and even some possible value-added packages, which we couldn’t do without the Adventure Engine booking management system!

CAO, Village of Silverton


Affordable, flexible, easy Campground booking systems

Add live availability and online booking to your website
Utilize our instant web page option

Go live in days without paying your web developer millions. Add to partner and association websites

Awesome booking and availability reports for Attendants and Admin
  • Site descriptions, photos
  • Customizable registration form (from name to RV type to where you from to how did you hear about us)
  • Customizable reports (guest, site usage, revenues, receivables, booking source, receipts and more)
  • Handles advance bookings online, in house and last minute drive ups
  • Get that back 40 overflow area generating revenue.
  • Reduce your customers’ anxiety, let them book your campsites online.
  • Reduce your own anxiety when cashflow starts months before your season opens


Go ahead and make a booking. Check out with the $0 deposit option. 4 easy steps!

It Takes a Village System –

Booking Solutions for Small Municipalities and Villages

There’s campground booking software that can’t manage facilities and programs. There’s expensive recreation program software that can’t manage campgrounds. None of them will help put your availability and cart on your local, regional and provincial tourism association sites.

  • Easy Campsite Reservation Systems
  • Facilities Rentals
  • Village Events, Courses, Programs
  • Distribution to Tourism Association Websites
Adventure Engine does all of the above for only $1000/year. Pay 2% variable fee as you go or prepay $1000 a year whichever is less.


  • Credit card payment processing services available 4%
  • Email reply and booking assistance service available. Let us answer your booking emails for you, process changes, run reports and liaise with Campsite Attendant $500/month
  • Trip Advisor accounts, profiles and review management | Tourism Association accounts, profiles and BOOK NOW buttons $500/year

Sit Back, rest easy, save time, grow revenues

See how it works. Contact us here

Our Story
We created the world’s most flexible management software system for adventure travel and recreation providers in 2004 and have been adapting it ever since.
In 2016 we got a call to adapt it for a small campground looking for an affordable system to reserve, manage and sell campsites. Easy Campsite reservations booking system was born.