How to Find and Select a Credit Card Processor

How to Find and Select a Credit Card Processor

If you want to take payments online using Adventure Engine, you will need an integration in your shopping cart with your credit card processor. Recently, we updated our list of free credit card processor integrations and I decided to have a look at our list against a full list and a “best of” list.

Photo of girl using computer maybe to process a credit card
photo by Dai KE (Unsplash)

I found a series of great articles on the whole subject of credit card payments at . I recommend that everyone read this article to become better informed about credit card processing since terms vary widely between card processors.

First up was an article on how to accept credit cards for payment. This means online, in person, on the phone, using mobile: anywhere. The article interviewed three experts from the industry to get a balanced look. Read the full article here.

Do you need a merchant account to process credit cards? Not always and this can save money. You can read more on that topic from the same article, if you scroll down the page.

They have great advice of things to look out for like long-term contracts, when to pay a higher flat fee, and when rates are not the highest priority.

There was also a great write-up on best of’s. They actually compared credit card processors according to small business user groups:

If you’d like to lean more about taking payments online using an Adventure Engine booking management system, contact us here.