Managing Guest Data

Managing Guest Data

Managing guest information

How quickly can you compile and analyze data like this?

  • Show me everyone from europe
  • Show me everyone over 55
  • Show me everyone who has returned more than 5 times
  • Show me everyone that’s a vegetarian
  • Show me everyone that purchased a souvenir ball cap

How much time does it take you to filter and analyze your guest data?  Are you even capturing critical info to help deliver exceptional guest experiences, develop customer relationships, create meaningful communication content and enhance future decision making?

There are key questions necessary for guides and chefs to do their jobs such as allergies or previous rock climbing experience. But in addition to ‘ops management’ info. Capturing other demographic info can really help manage and grow your business. Stuff like “where are you from? How did you hear about us? Gender, age category and so on.”

Knowing when to ask for data is important. You want to ask for data at a time when guests see the relevance of the request and are open to engaging with you. Confirmation and pre-trip emails are great places to insert requests for guest preference information. Both emails get very high open rates and guests are likely to respond since you are top of mind. Here are some questions that you can ask:

  • What are you most looking forward to on this trip?
  • How often you travel for kayaking expeditions? How many nights?
  • Any special requests?

Grouping categories of customers / prospective customers so you can personalize emails and other content is easy if you have a database serviced booking management system. 

How are you managing?