Simbiosis Community Tourism Booking System

Simbiosis Community Tourism Booking System

Simbiosis Community Tourism Booking

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Many communities and groups want the advantage of pooling dollars to leverage advertising  and search engine marketing investments. Many groups and communities are considering a booking engine to help facilitate this.  Simbiosis is the name we’ve given to our community tourism booking system.

Here’s what makes it special for communities and other collaborative marketing groups.

  1. You can use Simbiosis with any website software. (Ask your webmaster.)
  2. From a single interface you can manage the product content on the both the DMO website and your own website, showing all program descriptions, date availabilities, pricing, and photos.
  3. Consumers can buy single items or build their own packages as they browse and then pay at a single online checkout.
  4. Consumers book direct with members, not a third party or the DMO.  All payments go direct to individual member who delivers that service, even on a multiple product checkout.
  5. But best of all, Simbiosis magnifies everyone’s exposure by leveraging the power of your collective and individual marketing efforts. Here’s how.

Simbiosis allows visitors to search, bundle, and buy in a one stop portal, like a DMO, consortium or community website. It also allows shoppers to buy direct from the individual tour provider if they come to their website. But Simbiosis does more: it also allows members to sell each others’ products from their own websites (vendors can decide if commissions are available or not). The effect on a collective level is exponential. Each member can benefit from promoting each other – even direct competitors. That’s why we call it Simbiosis.

Customer Advantage: Pricing Transparency

Customers want the convenience of a package, but they also want to be sure they are getting a fair price. Our unique technology allows shoppers to bundle their own packages or buy pre-made packages. Shoppers are completely aware of how much each component part is, and they can compare that to the premade package price. Either way, they make only one shopping cart purchase, with one credit card entry. Simbiosis then parses the data so that the payments go to each individual member’s credit card merchant account, or to the owner of the pre-made package. The customer gets a statement with each purchase broken out.

Marketing and Exposure

Dynamically package multiple products on your site and increase exposure to both local and international visitors. Add a booking engine to your tourism/association website, partner websites, and member websites to help your members and your region grow and profit. Link member’s trips with local accommodations, partners, and agents so everyone can sell.

Gather Statistics

The system will automatically track all searches and sales for any tourism product on your system so you can report at any moment on trends to support your mandate, and find new opportunities. You gain visitor metrics: their behavior, what are they looking for, what are they buying, when they’re buying, and so much more.

Member Participation is Easy

Using Simbiosis to automate processes, members can participate in community marketing without tedious inventory managment. Once set up, the system self manages and members can concentrate on sales and operations, not their website updates.

Big Technology Services for Members at a Discounted Rate

The program provides a complete system for every member. Each member can sell through their own site, run day to day operations with a powerful reservation system, and package with other members’ tours including commission payment and client data sharing, and other features including:

Credit card processing
Automatic email confirmations
Multiple product shopping cart
Availability calendars
Multi currency
Real time trip changes
Inventory tracking

Contact us for a customized program quote! Adventure Engine has experience working with various communities to maximize the potential of their tourism product and provide technology to members. Programs for communities include consultation, strategic planning, industry knowledge presentations, marketing, as well as technology and system implementation.