Your Customers are always right, right? Hmm.

Your Customers are always right, right? Hmm.

There is a phrase, a “popular truth” out there that your customers are always right. But is it true at all stages of your business evolution?

I came across this wonderful story about an app. Well, really it’s about the people and the process of designing an app that finds and sorts cheapest airfares, getting it into the market and building a sustainable business. Sounds pretty straightforward and great opportunity to use customer feedback to develop best products. But it’s not always that straightforward.

This is a frank retelling of a journey some young entrepreneurs took in the quest to actually build a sustainable business. There are many lessons, but the author’s quote says it all. “Of course you need to take user feedback into consideration, but remember that actions speak louder than words.” I hope you enjoy the read.two iphones showing the app

Read the article here.