Use Adventure Engine to Raise Your Trip Advisor Ranking

A lot of Adventure Engine clients have Trip Advisor listings and they know how important ranking can be to  their business at a critical stage of the buyer’s journey. So how do you raise your Trip Advisor ranking? The first step is to understand what Trip Advisor likes.

I will summarise what Trip Advisor likes below.

1. Quantity of reviews – the more reviews, the more likely the averages are not going to be skewed, but also the reliability of the data.

2. Quality of reviews – the higher the review score, the more weight to your ranking.

3. Recency – old review are not as good as new reviews.

(To get more detailed info on this, Frederic Gonzalo has a great article on his post 3 Tips to Rank Higher on Trip Advisor.)

So, how can you make this work better fore you using Adventure Engine? You need to prompt people to review you on Trip Advisor and you need to make it easy and attractive for them. This can be done by customising the automatic post trip email.

We can help provide a direct html link to your Trip Advisor listing (as well as links to your Facebook and Twitter feeds) in your post trip email and help you schedule it to go out, 24 or 48 hours after the date your client travels. This will ensure a steady stream of prompts. But to get the best results you can do more.

To sweeten the pot, maybe you can incent reviewers with monthly draws for small prizes, like a gift card to come back and use with friends. Some operators offer discounts for additional bookings within a short time frame.

To get more people to open your email, try using a different subject line than “feedback requested” or “how was your trip?”  Experiment with different subject lines to see which get the highest opens.

If you make it easy and remove friction from the process, you will get more people rating you, more recent ratings and more love for your tours.

Today, you simply cannot ignore the power of user generated reviews and this is a good way to raise your Trip Advisor ranking. Call us and we can help you take advantage of this built-in function in Adventure Engine.

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